Design Build Cincy Show 2017


Meet with the city’s best designers, architects, contractors, retailers and craftsmen to take your project to the next level. DesignBuildCincy is a curated, intimate home show that gives you the opportunity to meet artisans and fabricators who can build anything. From kitchen designers to cabinetmakers, architects to re-modelers, iron-workers to artisans, see companies you would not normally see at other Home Shows. Visit us at Booth 41 and make your dream closet come true!

Hundreds of DVDs and an Entertainment Center in Sight

So I came home from work some time ago and decided I would watch a movie while I made dinner.  In the modern era of Netflix and many other on-demand mediums my go-to for a film is still my own tangible movie collection.  Let me provide a little bit of backstory. Over the years I have acquired what I consider an “acceptable” amateur movie collection. While it may seem small compared to other collections, I’m proud of my personal slice of Hollywood consisting of comedies, action, romance and more. For me, there’s just something special about having your own tangible copy of a film that on-demand mediums can’t match.   Unfortunately, for the limited space I have in my apartment, my movie collection was bordering on unruly. I have over two hundred movies on DVD, Blu-ray, and yes, even VHS. Call me nostalgic, but I still like to hang on to the VHS ones even though I no longer have a VHS player.  Anyways I digress…

Back to my story; when I went to find a movie to watch that evening I realized then and there what an awful and frustrating experience it was. My movie collection had not only overtaken the living room, it had also spilled into stacks on the floor of my bedroom as well.  Even though the ones in the living room were in a storage unit, the unit did not hold them well and it looked like a large, life-sized game of Tetris inside.  You’re probably thinking Brooke the answer is simple – just stop buying more movies and sell or give some away! That may seem logical, but my movie collection is my guilty pleasure, along with shoes, so there was no way that was going to happen. What I really needed was a way to better organize what I already had while also allowing for inevitable future expansion.

Don’t live like I did surrounded in chaos. Get organized with an entertainment system customized for your specific needs. Closets and More, Inc.’s organization experts understand how to properly utilize any space and provide you with a tailored storage solution that’s both aesthetically pleasing and extremely functional. These days as I continue to add to my collection, I know that each film will have a happy little organized home to go to thanks to my entertainment systemfrom Closets and More.

Brooke is a storage aficionado, expert shopper, and the contributing blog writer for Closets and More, Inc., (and let’s not forget amateur movie collector).

Let's get organized!

There is nothing like coming home from a hard day at work and you can’t wait to relax.  Until you walk into your home and the first thing you notice is the mess awaiting you.  All of a sudden that nasty habit of just dumping your gym bag, computer bag and shopping bags willy-nilly, has overtaken the living room. I am embarrassed to admit it, but this happens to me from time-to-time. I have to say I am not a well-organized person, and so fortunately for me, it is nice that my family is in the business of storage.  Sometimes I wonder if my dad started this business because I was just an intolerably messy child.

Even though I may have difficulty putting things away at times, I simply can’t live without having custom storage.  Everywhere I have lived (and that includes two coasts and Florida) I make it a point to have custom storage systems installed.  Growing up most of my life with custom closets, I always shutter a little when I move into an apartment and it has wire shelving.  Let’s be honest, wire shelving is 1) ugly; 2) it holds nothing and has those annoying little separators so you are unable to keep your clothing grouped together; 3) and worst of all it can collapse quite easily.  A custom storage system is not only beautiful because you design it from high-quality materials, it also makes the best possible use of space to store all your stuff – even large and heavy items.

If you are at all like me, take back control of your closets with a custom storage system from Closets and More, Inc. let their organization experts help you conquer the mountain of clutter. Even though you may still drop all your bags on the living room chair, as I do, know that you have the right storage solution for when you’re ready to put it all away.


Brooke is a storage aficionado, expert shopper, and the contributing blog writer for Closets and More, Inc.

Cincinnati Home & Garden Show


Closets and More, Inc. will be displaying the VIVA color collection from Tafisa. Tafisa debuted these decorative panels at the International Woodworking Fair this past July. We are excited to offer this collection to our customers to provide a melamine that mimics the look and feel of real wood. Our pantry display will feature an integration of two colors, Winter Fun and Sunset Cruise to create a dynamic custom storage system for your home. Kitchens have been integrating multi-colored variations for many years, now its time to do the same for closets, garages, office centers, mud rooms and pantries.

Another new product that will be featured in our pantry display is the Grass Sensomatic opening device. The Sensomatic allows you to automatically open any drawer with just a light tap. Stop by Booth #846 to see this new feature in action. Let us Create Order, Function and Beauty for your home.

This is Cincinnati’s largest and longest running spring showcase with an amazing array of the area’s newest and innovative home products and services! Closets and More, Inc. will be showcased as one of the leaders in the industry for all your closet and organization needs. As mentioned above make sure to check us out at booth #846.

This even encompasses the true essence of home ownership. Whether you are a current homeowner, planning to buy or build a new home, or just seeing what’s hot, join the 100’s of thousands of greater Cincinnatians that have used the Cincinnati Home & Garden Show® since 1969 as an important source of upgrading their homes & gardens.

Be prepared to be awed by our set ups, designers and our new exciting line of products for this 2017. For more information about the event please visit the Cincinnati Home & Garden Show website or Contact us for more details.

See you there!